Warner Music Group: Direct to Consumer
January 3, 2021
HP Paper: Strategy + Ad Copy
January 1, 2021

Ecommerce: Generating 278% Rev. Boost

As Director of D2C Ecommerce at Warner Music Group, Eric was responsible for a company-wide migration to a unified ecommerce platform. He launched the company’s largest and more profitable webstore, and in total generated millions of dollars in incremental income through optimizations, UX improvements, and ecommerce marketing.

Eric was hired by Principle Business Enterprises to revive and boost the healthcare manufacturer’s nearly nonexistent D2C ecommerce business. Eric instituted a number of site optimizations and operational efficiencies, and successfully launched the company’s first Amazon business. Amazon ads, social ads, and an improved ecommerce strategy resulted in a 278% boost in online revenue in just one year.