Eric Morse is a dad.

Meet Eric.

Eric Morse is a single father of four who grew up in St. Louis; got his post-academic education in Seattle, where he was a music journalist, a content editor, a DJ, and a band roadie; developed a marketing and writing career in New York City, and then came full circle, back to St. Louis, a hundred yards away from the house where he grew up.

Eric is a marketer. Eric is a writer. Eric is a passionate advocate for social and political causes. Eric likes to turn ideas into reality. He listens to music and marvels at art and goes running as much as he can. But at the bottom of it all, Eric is a single father of four, raising his kids down the street from his childhood home and generally doing the best he can.

Eric writes children's books, which are published by Akashic books and available here.

Eric's pieces for Good Men Project are compiled here.